Frequently Asked Questions

How will the Property Tax affect me?

Property tax is paid annually on the declared value of your property. The Revenue website gives the bands and current rates options and the conditions for waivers of tax or deferrals.

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How will Water Charges affect my property?

Water Charges are a charge on the property which, in the event of a sale, will need to be paid up to date.

What other taxes affect my property when selling?

If your property was rented, the NPPR (Non Principal / Private Residence) tax, also referred to as "Second Home Tax" must be settled for the years 2009-2013. You must also clear the Household Charge tax, payable up to 2012.

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What is collaborative law?

Collaborative Law is a client centered process expertly guided by lawyers, through which you and your spouse / partner are enabled to move from discord to dialogue towards a workable and lasting agreement.

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